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maandag 13 juli 2015

Results lac des settons

Lac des settons

7 regatta's have been sailed at lac des settons at 11,12 july. Windforce between bft 5 and 1.
Sailors from many different countries take part.
1 Pieter Bleeker 12 pnt. Netherlands
2 Reinhard Schroeder 20 pnt. Germany
3 Willem de boer 29 pnt. Friesland
4 Patricia Surendonk, 33 pnt. Netherlands
5 Nicky Arnoldus, 35 pnt. Canada
6 Bert Bos, 38 pnt. Netherlands
7 Martin Trompert, 43 pnt. Netherlands
8 Hans Pleijsier, 57 pnt. Netherlands
9 Bert Hamminga, 57 pnt. Uganda
10 Chris Visser, 61 pnt. Netherlands
11 Frederic de Rutte, 70 pnt. Swiss
12 Steve Crook, 74 pnt. England
13 Romain Berard, 78 pnt. France
14 Andre Thomas Johnston / George Miller, 88 pnt. Ireland
15 Nicolas Camphuis, 89 pnt, France
16 Pierre Lambert, France

The BBQ, the dinner. The event was perfect organized by the French organization under the umbrella of the 12footcwc.org class organization for classic wooden dinghies only. Thanks to Jack Salingarde , Romain Berard and Nathalie Aubin.

In 2016 probably the same event in Ireland. The 12footcwc got an invitation from the Irish delegation. In 1925 there was for the first time an international worldcup event in Ireland. In 2016 for the second time.